Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Please be sure to carefully read through our privacy policy as it provides vital information on usage of By using our service, you have conceded that you have read the privacy policy and agree to be bound by all its terms. Anything not covered here, will be addressed in the terms of use.


Dissemination of Information is an online platform that publishes press releases on behalf of businesses, public institutions and other similar organizations. Any press release sent to us will be published in its entirety. Unless explicitly informed not to do so, we will include personal information in your media contact information to allow readers to contact your organization.


Disclaimer absolves itself from all liability in regards to the published press releases. Clients that submit press releases are responsible for ensuring that the content they provide is accurate and beyond reproach.

Frequent Updates will send out newsletters to our registered members to update them on relevant news, new products and services, and other current news. The newsletter may include adverts and at any moment a member wishes to unsubscribe, they are free to do so.


Collection of Information only takes personal information that is provided by clients and does not share, rent, or sell and information that is under our care. We only share information that allows customers to follow up and reach your company.


Policy Changes

At any point where we feel it is appropriate or necessary, we will make changes to policy to better help our customers and clients. We will strive to make sure all the rights and services we provide will not be diminished. In the case we do, we assure you that it is for the benefit our customers and clients. Notice of changes will be posted on’s website.